Abelardo Services is the most promising and fast growing Service provider managed by top notch professionals with vast experience in their decipline. As a part of expansion, Abelardo Services invites service partners by offering growth oriented investment options with lucrative, viable and steady returns. Get most out of your investment with best ROI in service sector.

Benefits :

  • Earn big in terms of commissions
  • Be your own boss
  • Just Refer Leads – Last Mile will be done by Abelardo Services
  • Opportunity to establish new contacts that can be source of life-long income
  • Recognition as a Channel Partner of a National Service provider
  • Sales & Marketing support from the company

Online Franchisee Registration

Register as a Franchisee with us and get access to the best in industry services. Here you get the opportunity to source customers in different products & multiple locations in India virtually. We are open for Personal loan, Business Loan, Home Loan, Mortgage Loan, SME loans and many more products line. Also, get the opportunity to access the online leads available with us. We provide all types of loan product’s leads for your respective cities in India.

Here know, how we serve you the best in the market, become our privileged partner and get the highest payout!

• 30+ Banks/ NBFCs integrated with us in all over India.
• Get Opportunity to do all loan, insurance, investment & other service products through our platform.
• Dedicated RM support to enhance your business within the time.
• Build your own network and earn.
• A highly transparent business model
• Multilabel training program available for various loan product as well as CRM training.

Opportunity to get a higher payout amount, open access to multiple banks & multiple products on a single platform.

Training: We provide full training programs to all our franchisees and their team members.

Payout Cycle: We are committed for the faster process of Payout to our Franchisee, Our Franchisee Payout date is between 20th – 25th of every month, we are a technology-based platform, it gives you a faster process in terms of the payout process.

Franchisee Process: It is very easy and simple for all just you need to fill a form and you will get an instant call from our Support team, you will get access to all our services, just complete your profile and upload your KYC documents, you will be activated in next few hours. We take a very little Franchisee cost for Research & Development and System building process.

Daily thousands of people visit our site and apply for services as per their requirements. Most of the customers prefer us for collecting and comparing the information on various types of services available all over India.

In addition to that, we have built some special integrated tools for our Franchisee. These tools cover the unique range of features like lead capturing, lead nurturing and lead tracking in real-time. These crucial features provide complete control over the leads to all the Franchisee’s associated with us.

Once you fill the application form, our support team Franchisee Acquisition team will call you and share you the details and guide you the process. Our Franchisee program is for all, you can just generate leads and start earning.

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Affiliate Marketing Program

What is affiliate marketing?
The process of earning a passive income in the form of commission by referring some products of a company or brand is called affiliate marketing, commonly it can be used as a word refer and earn. Generally it is used by online products, now it is available with us to sell its various loans, credit cards, insurance, mutual funds etc in the India market with the opportunity of good passive commission income.

How to do affiliate marketing for Loans, Insurance & Credit Cards?
Currently in a digital age, marketing & selling of a products or services is become more easier than earlier, everyone has good social media network and this network is the best platform to start your affiliate marketing business for loans, insurance, credit cards and mutual funds for various banks/NBFCs/ Companies in India with Abelardo Services, check out the steps to start with us.

Who Can do Affiliate Marketing?
• Youtubers or Online Video Content Creators
• Online Payment & Recharge websites
• Online Educational Websites & Apps
• Facebook Page Admins
• Other Social Media Page Admins
• Digital Marketers
• Multi services websites & apps
• Payment gateway companies
• HRMS service Providers
• Other Online Services Providers
• Other network marketers/ creators

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?
• Complete your registration online.
• Complete your business profile details as per the given fields.
• Get ready to start lead generation through your marketing model or your affiliate network.
• Create a page for lead generation or content on your page about your loan products information.
• Start boosting your network and connecting people through your digital presence reach.
• Share your leads with us to generate leads directly on your name.
• UTM link is the easier way to get complete lead data online from unlimited customers without your manual work.
• We will provide you with UTM links mapped with your code.
• Affiliate marketing websites india: Abelardo Services is the largest passive income provider company in India, more than 200 affiliate marketers are earning passive income monthly basis.

Abelardo Affiliate Program:
Benefits: Unique affiliate marketing program offering great income option with minimal efforts, under this program marketers can earn lakhs of rupees monthly on a regular basis on almost zero cost with the use of your network base
Features: Abelardo Services is the unique in the market for offering the fully digital process for various services.
Product range: We bring you an Affiliate Marketing program to serve various financial loan products, insurance and cards and various other services from various institutions digitally.

Start Affiliate Marketing Now!

Refer and Earn

Refer and earn model:
To refer a sales prospects to someone and get a commision income against the success of the leads is known as refer and earn model, Abelardo introduce this model for all service segments, under this model anyone can refer leads and earn in lakhs.

From where to source referrals:
We all are connected with a social network, it can be your friend circle, your relatives, your daily customers walkins on your shops for different purposes. Just think, our neighbors, friends and colleagues all take loans for personal needs, buying a home, car, furniture on loan from banks/ finance, these all are your referrals you can earn good passive income by referring these customers with us. Start asking for any kind of loans,insurance, credit cards or mutual funds services requirements and refer to us and complete the process of application.

Refer and earn income:
Abelardo Services partner refer and earn program is only a single program in the financial services industry who is offering a wide range of products and higher payout amount on the success of referral leads. We explain with some examples.

Let’s have a Personal Loan lead shared by one of our partners, and the lead is a disbursed amount of Rs.5 Lakhs, partner can earn up to Rs. 10000/- commission amount to our referrer.

This is the best opportunity available in the market for all, so join the DOL partner refer and earn program and start earning now. To know more, register with us and we will get back to you.

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